Welcome to the MacAdmins Documentation.

The goal of this website is to assemble best-practices and useful docs found from the web. It is curated by top-notch MacAdmins.

It is dedicated to Investigate, Clarify and Resolve key issues in managing Macs.

It is independent and welcomed to every MacAdmin.

Think of a collection of pages that you would use as ultimate reference.

The goal of this repository is to:

  • Help the beginers to learn the basics
  • Help the veterants to keep current on technologies
  • Provide a quick way to answer common questions
  • Be an authoritative answer to endless discussions
  • Be a checklist to assess the state of your current work

macOS is getting more and more used by Businesses. This means more and more non-Mac Admins need to learn how to administer Macs. Unfortunately, today only a few resources are available. They might give you technical answers, but to get the full experience, you need to understand the vision, or philosophy. It’s like using open source projects and embracing the GNU philosophy.


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