Community Structure

  • Owner is currently @ftiff
  • Maintainers and Collaborators are all the members of [Shufflepuck](
  • Contributors is everyone who has had a pull request merged into this project
  • Community Members are all the MacAdmins. You’re part of it if you professionaly administer Macs

We welcome everyone interested in sharing to the MacAdmin community at large.

Getting Started

If you’re new to the MacAdmin community, please read the doc Getting Started.

Best practices?

This site is about things that have a large consensus in the MacAdmin Community. For example:

  • thin imaging is better than thick imaging (not always).
  • Apple maintains only the last three major OS releases (well… we had a security update for 10.6.8 after 10.11 was released[#]_).

So yes, defining “best practice” is not that easy. Think of what you will tell to your apprentice.

What is a good doc?

A good documentation:

  • uses International English - Keep the sentences clear, simple and straight to the point;
  • is neutral - Show multiple point-of-views. Be accurate by citing reliable and authoritative sources. Debate is welcomed, but only on Issues and Pull Requests;
  • uses Free content - As per the [license](, no one owns the content;
  • is respectful - Follows the [Contributor Code of Conduct v1.3.0](
  • is honest, but positive.

Contributing docs

We use Github to manage the whole content. You should be familiar with how to contribute on GitHub. I personally use TextMate to edit the reStructuredText documents.

The easiest way for quick edits is to click on the “Edit on GitHub” on upper right of every page.


For more substantial edits, please fork the project and open a pull request.


You can always Create an issue. Please do it if you don’t have time!