SQL Clients

IBMi DB2 Databases

You could use the IBM System i Navigator, but how about a tool you can use on all DB (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2…). I must warn you: it’s Java from the nineties.

Components needed


The IBM Toolbox for Java is a library of Java classes supporting the client/server and internet programming models to a system running IBM i (or i5/OS or OS/400). The classes are used by SQuirreL to easily access IBM i data and resources.

  1. Download and install Java 1.8 JDK

  2. Download JTOpen

  3. Copy lib/ where you’d like. I believe the right path is ‘/usr/local/lib/jtopen/’:

    ``sudo ditto ~/Downloads/jtopen_9_0/lib /usr/local/lib/jtopen_9_0``


  1. Download `SQuirrel <http://www.squirrelsql.org/#installation>>`_
  2. Open squirrel-sql-3.7-MACOSX-install.jar
  3. Make sure you select “Optional Plugin - DB2”
  4. Click on Drivers > JTOpen(AS/400)
  5. Click on Extra Class Path
  6. Click Add, then choose /usr/local/lib/jtopen_9_0/java8/jt400.jar and click OK.
  7. You should get a green message “Driver class com.ibm.as400.access.AS400JDBCDriver successfully registered for driver definition: JTOpen(AS/400)”
  8. Click on Aliases > + (blue cross)
  9. Select Driver: JTOpen(AS/400) (it should have a blue check mark)
  10. Enter your info, click OK. It should now be working!

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