Forgetting a Package

Forgetting a package is a good way to troubleshoot some behaviours. It doesn’t change anything on disk, but the computer will believe the package was never installed.

For OS X packages, installed by or Software update, use sudo pkgutil --forget [package_id]. You can list current installed packages with pkgutil --pkgs

This will get updated at next recon to Inventory > Package Receipts >

Note: According to pkgutil(1):

Discard all receipt data about package-id, but do not touch the installed files.
DO NOT use this command from an installer package script to fix broken package design.

Casper Suite

To change this (unrelated) list, you need to delete the relevant file in /Library/Application Support/JAMF/Receipts, then do a sudo jamf recon

This doesn’t do anything but change inventory.