Upgrade JSS, the Manual way


I'm just listing what I usually do to upgrade JSS. If you have a better idea, please contribute!

Please first test on a test JSS.

Backup, Backup, Backup!

Make sure you have a working backup before doing anything. I use the following command: java -jar /usr/local/jss/bin/JSSDatabaseUtil.jar backup -saveBackupTo ~/ -server jamf-mysql1.sdfsfsaa111.eu-west-1.rds.amazonaws.com -pass This will save the backup in your user home folder. Send it to another computer.

In general, please follow this article: Preparing to Upgrade the JSS

Prepare the JSS Installer

Download the JSS Installer from JAMF Nation.

  1. Connect to JAMF Nation
  2. Go to My Assets
  3. Click "Show JSS installer downloads"
  4. Download JSS Manual Installation
  5. Upload it to your Linux box
  6. Unzip it, and you're ready to go!

Note: I usually upload it to my Distribution Point, and get it from my Ubuntu server using:

curl https://login:password@dp-1.fti.io/JSS_Installers/JSSInstallation9.93.zip --digest -k -O

Upgrade JSS

If you have a Clustered JSS, please read Upgrading the JSS in a Clustered Environment.

First, let's stop the JSS:

service jamf.tomcat7 stop

Then archive the current install to ~/ROOT-war-20160830.tgz:

tar czf ~/ROOT-war-20160830.tgz /usr/local/jss/tomcat/webapps/
rm -rf /usr/local/jss/tomcat/webapps/*

Copy the new ROOT.war and restart tomcat:

mv JSSInstallation/JSS\ Components/ROOT.war /usr/local/jss/tomcat/webapps/
service jamf.tomcat7 start

Just reconfigure the database, and everything should be working again!

If something goes wrong

Read the logs in /usr/local/jss/tomcat/logs/. Worst case, restore from backup and use the Linux automatic updater.