Open Source and Jamf

This list contains some open source projects that are related to managing JAMF Pro (formerly Casper Suite). They may help you to do some things that are not possible with the Web UI alone.


These are some notable repositories that are dedicated to supporting JAMF Pro or have a significant number of projects related to JAMF.


  • python-jss Python wrapper for the Jamf JSS Rest API
  • ruby-jss Access to the Casper Suite from Ruby

Command Line Tools

  • jss_helper jss_helper is a powerful commandline interface for managing and auditing your Casper JSS.

Configuration Management Modules

  • jss_chef This cookbook installs and configures Jamf Pro.
  • puppet-jss Puppet manifests for deploying and configuring JAMF Software JSS, MySQL, and Distribution Points.




  • JSSImporter Upload packages made with AutoPkg to your JSS with customizable policies.
  • Spruce Identify unused packages and scripts on a JAMF Casper JSS and optionally remove them.
  • Depot3 Command line package and patch management for Casper
  • jamJAR jamJAR: Jamf, AutoPKG & Munki combined by dataJAR.
  • patchoo Patchoo somewhat emulates munki workflows and user experience for JAMF Software’s Casper Suite.

Scripts (Misc)


  • Deadpool JAMF check-ins with healing factor and a mouth