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Jamf Training

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CCT is a great introductory-level training. Anyone remotely involved in managing, supporting and selling Mac and iOS devices at your organization should take it. It’s a 4-day course. Anyone can join, don’t be shy!

CCA is for your MacAdmins. They should all have it. Don’t go cheap on this one. They need to have 6 month of experience.

CCE is for your experienced MacAdmins who need additional challenges. It’s scenario-based. They will love it. But it’s purely optional.

CJA is for your JSS Administrators, it doesn’t cover Mac Administration at all.

I suggest you buy a Training pass:

  • Individual: one of your staff can go to any number of Jamf training for one year
  • Organizational: any of your staff cxan go to any number of Jamf trainings for one year, provided they don’t attend to the same one at the same time.